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We live in a connected and increasingly global world - a world in which we are impacted every day by people and events that seem far away. And our own actions, alone or with others, can often have a significant impact across the nation and across the world.

The challenges faced by business, government and community organisations and enterprises of all sizes in staying relevant, keeping in touch with stakeholders, understanding the world we live in and the people in it—and prospering at the same time—are significant. Failure to do so can be catastrophic, for our enterprises and for the world in which we operate.

It's hard enough understanding the complexities within our own enterprise—how the pieces fit together; how our systems and processes interact; how our people work together. Understanding our immediate stakeholders is more difficult again—they might be "like" us, but they're not the same. And understanding the people and organisations that are two, three or often many more levels removed from our inner circle can seem all but impossible.

Our response to this challenge has often been to take an "egocentric enterprise" approach to the world, focusing primarily on the people and things we know best—our own enterprise. Our connections with, and understanding of our immediate stakeholders is usually well developed, and we feel reasonably comfortable with the dynamics of the sector within which we operate. Further afield, our reach into the broader communities with which we operate and to our global society as a whole is often tenuous, particularly in those communities and societies that look different to us.

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diagram shows concentric circles labelled (from centre) enterprise, stakeholders, sector, community, global society diagram shows multiple circles of different sizes clustered in groups and joined within and across groups by lines.
Egocentric view of the world
Networked view of the world
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