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Since its inception, the innov8 Consulting Group has undertaken a range of strategic projects, particularly in the VET equity and disability areas.

Most recently, the Group was engaged to develop strategic recommendations for a new structure to oversee the VET equity reform process at a national level, resulting in the endorsement by the Ministerial Council of those recommendations and the establishment of the National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC). The Group was also commissioned by the National VET Disability Advisory Taskforce to develop a new national strategy for disability reform in VET that was also endorsed by the Ministerial Council. We have undertaken work for the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care to create a Public Sector Disability Employment Strategy and, working with Miles Morgan Consulting, on a key DADHC review of the Transition to Work programme.

The Group consults on an ongoing basis to a range of national and international bodies including the South Australian Government, The National Quality Council, the New Zealand Government, Wellington City Council, Auckland City Council, the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation, the Business Council of Australia, the Centre of National Research on Disability, the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, Virgin Australia, the NDIS Launch Transition Agency and others.

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